Tweed Apple Watch Strap

Buckle Colour:
Apple Adapter Colour:


Our new Tweed Apple Watch straps are here for a timeless appeal. Tweed originated on the west coast of Scotland in the 18th century and has stood the test of time, making it a cloth that represents both versatility and style.
With the underside consisting of soft leather and the upper side of durable fabric, these straps are comfortable and elegant.


Apple Adapter: 38/40mm or 42/44mm 

Please choose the adapter that corresponds to your Apple Watch size, there are two options as outlined above.

You can also choose from three adapter colours: rose gold, gold, silver, or black.

Buckle: rose gold, gold or silver (stainless steel)

Strap width: 20mm 

Strap material: tweed fabric on top, leather underneath.

Strap colour: Will vary due to individual patterns

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