Our Story

Our Story & Heritage 

From the heart of the Highlands we bring to you MacKinnon Watches. Our heritage and clan surname inspired the design of these watches and allows us to bring to the world a timepiece enriched in hundreds of years of Scottish history. 

The iconic landscape of the country has also drawn much inspiration for our designs and quite rightly so. Between the dramatic glens, lochs and unrivalled castles, this wee country is steeped in beauty and we at MacKinnon Watches hope to portray this to you with our Tartan Collection. Although you will find many MacKinnon’s across Scotland, our family lives in the Highlands at the foot of Ben Nevis which we have paid homage to in our logo.

Whether you are an Outlander fan, a lover of Scotland, or just simply have great taste, our watches can be enjoyed by both men and women alike across the globe. We hope our watches bring you as much joy as they have brought us. 


Our Distinctive Tartan Strap 

Tartan is a particular piece of clothing consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical patterns that were associated with many of the different “clans”, or families throughout Scotland for hundreds of years and remain to this day. Clans include family and loyal members all sharing a surname, such as MacKinnon. Your clan name determined the tartan you would proudly wear to show where your loyalty belongs.

MacKinnon Watches was born with the goal of bringing distinctive watches and their associated clan’s history to the everyday man and woman. Our Tartan Collection takes this symbol of Scottish clans and incorporates their history into a stylish, affordable timepiece.

We would like everyone to become immersed in Scottish history and heritage by owning a piece of Scotland. With our unique tartan strap we hope you wear yours with pride. Keep your eyes open for more tartans to come...