We are so proud of how far our business has come.

We have a lot of achievements to celebrate in the past couple of years. 

We have been shortlisted for two awards: Family Business of the Year and Manufacturing Start up of the Year. MacKinnon Watches has also been featured in multiple magazines: the Herald, Contrast Magazine, CVLUX Magazine, Rival Magazine, and ValiantCEO. 

Some of the highlights of our achievements are when celebrities have worn our watches. 

Jason Lewis from Sex and the City wore our Munro watch for his cover shoot with CVLUX Magazine.

Daniel Sloss

We also had the pleasure of creating a custom tartan watch for Scottish Comedian Daniel Sloss.

Sloss is wearing the MacIntosh Hunting tartan proudly as pictured below:

Anthony Hill

Anthony Hill from Grey's Anatomy was pictured wearing one of our heritage watches for his Contrast magazine photoshoot. 

Caroline Arapoglou

Netflix Series Outer Banks actress Caroline Arapoglou wore our Munro watch for her Rival Magazine shoot.